• Corrosion is natural process by which metal attempt to return to their original ore state. The more energy used to refine a particular ore into metal. orrosion is an electrochemical process. The presence of tiny amount of electrolyte on an unprotected surface of a metal can cause electrons to flow from a higher energy area (anode) to a lower energy area (cathode), initiating and ustaining corrosion. Machined metal parts have microscope peaks and valley on the surface that, in effect, expose more surface area to the electrolyte, causing corrosion to occur very rapidly. Rust is an inorganic polymer including iron and both oxygen and water.


  • opera3Corrosion inhibiting formulation consisting of a chemical blend of several ingredients. The VCI Compounds Volatize in very small amounts so as to deposit on the surface of the metal a near monomolecular layer. VCI Compounds They form covalent bonds with the exposed iron (or other metal). This newly bonded ion of iron is o longer reactive to water and oxygen.
  • The presence of a microscopic layer of VCI on the surface of a metal inhibits the flow of electrons from “anode” to “cathode” thus inhibiting the corrosion mechanism. Since the bond is covalent, the VCI compounds does not lose its properties, especially those of water solubility. VCI is safe, specialized formulations that automatically release protective particles into the vapor area of a packaged metal’s environment.These particles attach themselves to the surface of the metal forming a thin protective layer usually only about 1 molecule in thickness.
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