VCI Film anti-rust

    • There is a very strong desire on the part of all the companies involved in the production of automotive components, the export packagers, and companies who assemble the components into the finished products to employ anti-rust methods and material that result in their products being shipped and received in a :” clean, dry and corrosion-free condition”
    • VCI FILM offer the possibility of “clean, dry, and corrosion free” shipment. They offer a simpler, less labor intensive packaging operation. Protective oil often simply covered up inefficient supplier cleaning methods and transferred the cleaning problem to their customer.
    • The principle requirement for the optimum use of VCI FILM is the need for properly clean component surfaces. If this requirement is met then clean, dry and corrosion free deliveries of components can be achieved.
    • VCI FILMS provide corrosion protection in a variety of application, including automotive CKD shipment and automotive parts packaging for storage and shipping, single item packaging, large equipment for export shipping, multiple item wrapping for bulk shipment.


    • PRODUCTS :
      FW: For protection of ferrous metals (blue)
      FM: For protection of ferrous and non ferrous metals (light green)



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