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about us


The traditional rust treatment programs have been unable to cope with because of the prevalence of environmentally friendly materials, and the standards for environmental protection material are formulated stringent increasingly in countries.

In pursuit of rapid economic growth, many businesses are biased towards mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal in their industries. However, they ignore the importance of the use of renewable resources and sustainable industrial survival. After the Central Inspection Standards such as RoHS & WEEE are developed and implemented by EU & U.S.A., companies encountered the above problems, especially in environmental material and rust treatment.

Yu Sheng Technology team combines traditional anti-rust and environmentally friendly materials to the advanced technology in stem-rust-proof packaging, and replace the oil rust prevention. We also help the industries to deal with the headache of waste and environmental problems. Our team builds up with waste emissions, anti-corrosion treatment, and renewable resource utilization, and solves the problems in the treatment of waste discharge and recovery. We attempt to establish a cycling-oriented society and match the needs of businesses, and lead the industries of Taiwan to the international markets.



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