Environmental friendly water-based rust remover

  • MR-700 Environmental friendly water-based rust remover

  • MR-700 is a water-based rust remover which is designed for environmental chemical liquid. It could remove rust and dissolve the oxidative metal surface. No corrosive strong acid and no biological acid are contained; it is safer and more effective.
  • It does not necessary to be pre-treated before applying.
  • For removing rust effectively, all oil film and the high viscosity grease should be removed before using MR-700.
  • The standard usage of quantity is 7-10 / L (barrel). Depending on the rust severity, user could water MR-700 down to 50% and extend the operating time of rust removing. The effective using method of MR-700 is soaked. User could also be sprayed in large work pieces. The basic treating time is 15 min. During the treating time, user should notice the situation of rust peeling off. User could also brush rust from metal surface. However, it is impossible to restore the pitting metal surface.



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