VCI Oil anti-rust

Rustproof oil made up by type rust inhibitor of V.C.I. Oil

Product performance:

  • Low viscosity, contain gaseous phase rust inhibitor antirust oil, used in work piece finished product antirust and deal with, if bearing , can be used in the sealed type or the packaging in bulk .

Advantage of the products

  • Suitable for the protection of the airtight space, its volatility composition will offer a layer of one that protected the membrane in oil effectivelies on the surface. The typical example used protecting the metal to get rusty damagedly under the airtight way: Oil groove , storing on trough , air cylinder , transmission device , metal container , gearbox , clutch part case , drive shaft and hydraulic pressure and cooling the circulatory system.
  • Traditional lubricant or antiseptic , will daub or will flow to spray after vertical about 6 months on the surface of metal, in a situation that the metal expose toes the open air in the moisture , liquefaction and corrodes. Though will flow, its volatility rust inhibitor will prolong and launch with the products and corrosion produced of neutralization sky steam . The ones that strengthened and contacted resisted and melted the pharmaceutical, and will protect the metal under the oil reservoir .






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