• VCI is a volatile chemical ionization. The volatile molecule will be released to the air and adhered to metal surface; it becomes a protective layer to prevent moisture, salt, acid alkaline substances, and contaminated sediments which are the main factors causing corrosion and oxidation on metals. Thus, if metals are packed with VCI packing materials, all the metals include ferrous and non-ferrous could be protected and achieve the functions of anti-rust and anti-corrosions.
  • Metal products are packed with VCI paper or VCI film, metal work pieces need to be covered all but without Vacuum treatment, the protection will be started up and the effective protection will be sustained two years. After removing the metal work pieces from VCI packing materials, VCI molecule will evaporate itself and without residue on the metal surface, it will not influence the follow process of painting, electroplating, etc. The metal surface should be kept clean and without any rust on it before they are packed with VCI packing materials the metal work pieces could be used directly in the follow machine processing.
  • Our team-YUH SHENG TECH CO., LTD. launch into the most advanced and environmental friendly VCI anti-oxidization series products which could reduce the loss that caused from metal oxidization. Expect the traditional function of contacting anti-oxidization, special Volatilize Corrosion Inhibitor will release chemical ionizing to the surface and inner side of metals, and could reach the integrity of the overall antioxidant protection works.
  • The traditional packing, Silicon or lime desiccant is used in protecting metals from oxidation and discoloration by electronics industry or traditional industry. However, it is hard to prevent oxidization unless using aluminum foil vacuum bag or vacuum packing when exporting electronic products. This is because that many packing materials are made of polyethylene which contains trace carbohydrates and water. The material itself has little permeability, air or moisture could penetrate packing. In this case, the desiccant bag absorbs water vapor and results to more serious rust. Therefore, it is important to use environmental protection which could enhance the products’ value-added, products’ life, and enhance the competition of every company.
  • We provide an easy way to use the various VCI series products which includes dry type protection, such as, VCI film、VCI powder and wet protection, such as VCI oil、water-based VCI inhibitor. No matter for precision micro-controller, complex heavy machinery, or shipping environments, we could provide the most convenient and appropriate VCI series packing products in metal protections depending on the operation environment.
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