Desiccant for Electronics Industry

Desiccants for electronic industry are all dust-free and anti-static. Packed by U.S. Dupont TYVEK’s special materials, the packages of the Desiccant are equipped with great elasticity and may avoid harm caused by pierce. Besides, the Desiccants have honorably been approved by JIS, CNS and many other credible standard institutions. Lately identified by ISO 9001: 2000,

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Environmental friendly water-based rust remover

MR-700 Environmental friendly water-based rust remover MR-700 is a water-based rust remover which is designed for environmental chemical liquid. It could remove rust and dissolve the oxidative metal surface. No corrosive strong acid and no biological acid are contained; it is safer and more effective. It does not necessary to be pre-treated before applying. For

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VCI Resin

Our team leads in the technology from Europe and U.S.A., we produce VCI resin and VCI series products in Taiwan. All VCI series products are fit in with the standards of ROHS and WEEE.   Multi-Metal Formula Cast iron, alloy steel, tin, zinc, aluminum and copper … all kinds of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metal

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